Generosity Reset Reflection

Generosity Reset is a helpful ebook produced by our friends at Generous Church. It is the single best summary I am aware of, regarding the mindset shift needed moving from a fundraising plan to disciple-making in the local church. It seems like an obvious and natural shift. However, after decades of little talk about money in the church to the drastic experience of a three year capital campaign, churches need helpful tools in making the transition.

Here are some reflections from the book that I believe pastors will benefit from:

  1. Leadership is the single most critical decision to embrace. Generous disciples are the reflection of a generous church led by a generous pastor. When I encounter a generous pastor, you can’t stop him from recreating that value in his team and congregation. Generosity is a far cry from fundraising. Stepping back from the financial needs or demands is a critical first step. Discipleship must drive us, not the need or pressure being experienced by the organization. An influx of more resources might not be the solution needed long-term.
  2. The whole-life generosity cycle is a helpful construct in creating a plan that is driven by heart and spiritual transformation. When a system is created, the result becomes dependable. When a heart is transformed, the fruit becomes sustainable. When a process is put in place the pathway of growth becomes repeatable. This whole-life generosity cycle is supported by a well-written, six week small group curriculum called Overflow. Check it out! 
  3. Converting to a language and system of discipleship is much more natural for a pastor than trying to become a fundraiser. It is also much more enjoyable to live with an overflow of resources than living under the pressure of financial need. Pastors typically struggle with confidence in discussing money from the stage. However, once the door of a discipleship language is unlocked, I have watched many pastors unleash a new found passion for generosity. Most simply do not know that such a system exists.
  4. Generosity Reset is a faith-building and relationship-strengthening process. It is not built upon common practices of marketing and fundraising, but on the theology of generosity. God being a generous God and generosity being a refreshing practice for all. Whole-life generosity is age and income friendly. Anyone can grow a generous spirit that God can speak to at anytime. The fruit of whole-life generosity will spill over into your small group and volunteer service ministries. It is not only a funding shift, but a culture shift that has many healthy dominoes.
  5. Warning: Generosity Reset is not a quick fix remedy to get out of a financial ditch. It is a farmer’s approach to developing a generous church that grows generous disciples. Like any good seed, growth takes time, but fruit is guaranteed. It is in the DNA of the seed. Building a farm that plants, cultivates, and harvests year after year is a patient process, but the end is so worth it.

Generosity Reset would be a great leadership discussion tool in helping your staff or finance team get on the same page regarding discipleship. Learning to speak from a foundational language of discipleship is critical to avoid living under the pressure of a poor financial situation. This book won’t solve all your challenges or answer all your questions, but it will get you talking a different language while dreaming of new possibilities. For more information about Generosity Reset, Generous Church, and Overflow check out our resources page! We believe in this ebook so much, that for the entire month of August, we want to give you Generosity Reset for FREE. Click here to download your copy today!