3 Ways to Turn Empty Hands Into Overflowing

Ok, as a rule I am not one to blog about simple, easy ways to do anything. The bottom line is great fruit often takes hard work. However, I truly believe what I am about to share with you is simple and easy. I am really confident that it is so, because we have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is run the play.

First, the premise is, many people show up to the church offering time with empty hands. For a variety of reasons mentioned in other blogs, today’s people are simply not attending church as often, using less cash/checks, and have so many life pressures that living generously through the local church is not always front-of-mind.

The antidote, is turning their everyday, walking around life into a fun-filled, free opportunity to live generously. The Bible says that generous people prosper and are blessed. It speaks of the joy and provision that come through generosity. Simply put, generosity blesses everyone and is a preferred way to live.

So, our strategy is to help pastors and church leaders turn smartphones into powerful kiosks or offering plates for expressing generosity. Here are three simple ways beyond a digital gift that you can employ to help people move from an empty-hand to an overflowing-hand. (So you know, our Digital Giving Platform does all three of these for you!)

  1. Provide the opportunity for non-cash gifts. The majority of a person’s resources are not in liquid cash, but in the stuff they have been given or purchased along the way. Many of these items have experienced a diminished use by an individual, but still contain value. If an item has value beyond the cost of liquidation it can be given. We will liquidate and pass the remaining revenue onto the local church or charity. We have liquidated items like stocks, real estate, cars, unused gift cards, sports memorabilia, surplus business inventory, and much, much, more.
  2. Empower your people to promote giving channels via their social media networks. I know you have witnessed crowdfunding across our country for social causes. It can begin with a celebrity, network of friends, or a company wanting to make in impact towards a need in their community. With our simple copy/cut/paste technology you can empower your people to raise funds for causes your church is passionate about like, local charities your church partners with, national disaster efforts, or other worthy causes like a church mission trip. Think of your own personal go-fund-me vehicle controlled by your church.
  3. Sharing social media posts about an impact that was made. After a person gives to your church, we have a simple click option for them to post a message with a giving link embedded about the difference they are making by living a generous life. Your church can edit the content as well as insert a link to help others join the cause.

So, there are three easy ways you can unleash giving. Generosity by Lifeway is designed to help pastors and church leaders easily disciple busy, on-the-go, modern people. You do not have to be an expert on technology or church finances. We have done all that work for you. If you can view a video on your phone or select the cut/copy/paste option on your laptop can unleash giving. To learn more about our “two for the price of one” Generosity System click here (www.lifeway.com/generosity). We have created a comprehensive digital giving platform embedded with decades of generosity coaching from experts across the country. These are joined nicely to a generosity resource library of sermons, small group curriculum, and training resources for church leaders. You are literally just one click away from unleashing giving!