The Future of Mobile Giving Is Here

We are all well aware that it has been stated for years how every church needs to have an online giving presence to increase their generosity. Well, we have actually listened to that advice because recent statistics reveal 74% of churches now have online giving as an option. While that is a pretty impressive stat, here is something that is not so impressive. Statistically speaking, churches are only receiving 15% of giving via this online channel. Now that is a problem. Especially when you consider that mobile giving, (not online giving from your desktop, but giving from your mobile device) has increased 205% in the last year.

So times are changing and they are changing fast. If your church has just set up your first giving kiosk along with your online giving credit card transaction form, you are now behind the times again. Recent reports state nearly 70% (some reports higher) of Americans have smartphones and that nearly 60% of internet traffic occurs on a smartphone.

While all of this change can be a little frustrating to church leaders, let me help you see the gift we have all just been given.

  1. If a person owns a smartphone you have the potential to impact their life at any moment in time because we are never without our phones. Giving is for everyone.
  2. If a person has a smartphone you have just gained the equivalent of placing an offering plate in their hand seven days a week. You do not have to be present to give.
  3. If a person has a dedicated giving app on their smartphone with your church saved as their favorite, they could give any time they felt compelled with just a few easy clicks. A giving moment can occur anytime.
  4. Then, if this giving app also could facilitate an automatic recurring gift that would be incredible. The generous life is the best life.
  5. It would be unbelievable if the giving app went another step into the future allowing a person to donate noncash items such as gift cards, cars, collectibles, securities, and other items of value. Then liquidated them on behalf of the giver and donated the proceeds to the church. You can give almost anything, anytime, anywhere.
  6. Oh, then what if this giving app was free to your church and the giver could actually elect to cover the normal credit card transaction fees? Wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake? Giving doesn’t cost you, it rewards you.

Well, Generosity by Lifeway is doing just that. We are making giving fun for the giver and easy for the church! It is not a deal that is too good to be true, it is true. Check out our state of the art free giving app. No setup fee, monthly subscription fee, or long term contract required. Givers can cover the transaction cost on behalf of the church, make a one time gift, or create a recurring donation. And yes, they can even donate items of value that we will liquidate. Once you see it you may wonder why you are still paying for that old text-to-give, giving kiosks, and online credit card forms.