VLOG: Free Mobile Giving App

Pastor, I want to blow you away with a giving statistic. You are going to want to know this. It will make a massive difference in both the joy of giving and volume of resources you have to invest in your mission. Are you ready? Here it is. Last year alone mobile giving has increased by 205%. Did your church enjoy this wave of generosity?

Pastor, kiosk giving and online giving are fading away. Now I know they may be new to your church, but the population of Americans is mobile. Generosity by Lifeway is striving to see the church’s mission fueled by joy-filled givers. Givers enjoy app experiences. It is how we live in the modern world. Our passion is so high for this that we want to provide every church in America with a free giving app. That is right free!

No setup costs, no monthly subscription, no contract. Then your givers can actually elect to cover the normal credit card transaction costs on behalf of the church making it 100% free! Givers can not only release a one time gift through credit card transactions, but they can also set up recurring giving. Additionally, they can donate from their assets like cars, RVs, stocks, jewelry and other items of value. We will liquidate the item for your church. You can even elect to ditch our text giving and online giving fees. If you want to bless your people and experience greater joy along with increased resources. Go mobile!