Episode 0: Welcome to the Podcast

Pastors we are pumped to bring you a brand new free resource. It will move the dial forward for you and your team quickly. “The Generosity Podcast” is launching weekly and here is what it will deliver to you.

  • A quick hitting 20-25 minutes of practical discussion from leading experts, authors, and pastors each week completely focused on a specific generosity topic to grow your ministry.
  • We will format 4-6 questions to help you get to know the guest’s passion for generosity, unpack the specific topic, provide experienced wisdom on the issue, and conclude with a few practical tips you can take directly into your next meeting.
  • There are literally hundreds and hundreds of resources by potential generosity partners. Each episode we will introduce you to people, training, and tools we think are the best of the best.
  • We would encourage you to have your staff and leadership subscribe to the podcast. Often times, the biggest challenge is getting the conversation started. We want to help you create real synergy.

We believe that every church can experience a thriving generosity ministry resulting in a continual overflow of resources toward your vision. Generosity is a team sport that should not be left to the pastor and finance office alone. Fundraising is not the goal, but discipleship.

In the first few episodes, you will learn…

  • What the Stewardship Ministry is like at Summit Church in Raleigh, NC
  • How the next generation of adults are learning about stewardship from one of the newest authors in the space
  • The difference between stewardship, generosity, fundraising, and discipleship

You can’t get this stuff anywhere else! So subscribe to “The Generosity Podcast” in the iTunes Store or your favorite podcast player. Encourage your team and leaders to do the same. You might want to even set a monthly 30-minute meeting to share what you are learning and how it can make a difference in your church. It will really be that easy and helpful.

We’d love it if you gave us a great rating and review. Help us unleash giving today in churches across our country for the sake of kingdom advancement!