Podcast: Episode 6- Divine Applause: Giving and Fasting Go Hand in Hand with Jeff Anderson

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Jeff Anderson, author, and founder of Acceptable Gift. During their conversation, they discuss how giving and fasting go hand in hand.

Best Quotes

“When we do certain things, the God of the universe is paying attention and He wants to reward us.”

“Giving involves sacrifice of personal possessions. Prayer involves sacrifice of time and focus. Fasting involves sacrificing food.”

“God is interested in our sacrifice. Sacrifice matters.”

“These are standard spiritual disciplines that engage our heart in a way that gets God’s attention.”

“Fasting is prayer on steroids.”

“It’s important we see that fasting is not something that is separate from prayer. It enhances our prayer power.”

“Remember you are teaching sheep that need to be led and shown what to do.”

After a roller coaster trading career, followed by a seven-year season with an international ministry, Jeff started a nonprofit organization called Acceptable Gift. This is where he writes about things like Plastic Donuts and Divine Applause.

You can learn more about Jeff’s ministry at his website: www.jeffandersonauthor.com.