10 Observations about High Capacity Givers

I’ve never seen a spiritual ministry that did not have physical needs. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the level of spiritual impact and the need for physical infrastructure. For a church to reach its kingdom potential, it is imperative that it learns how to connect with high capacity givers (HCG’s).

As a Pastor in a resort community, I have had to learn many things that were not taught in seminary. Seminary, however, did prepare me to think like a missionary. I have learned to think of HCG’s as a people group. It is my job to study them and connect them with the Gospel. When we do this, we not only catch the fish, we get the coin as well (Matthew 17:24-27).

Here are ten observations about HCG’s:

  1. Leaders talk to Leaders – High Capacity Givers tend to be leaders in their chosen field of business. As such they expect to communicate with other leaders who are on their level regardless of the particular organization. For this reason, the primary leader must make himself available to these families.
  2. High Trust Breeds High Generosity – It is imperative that a very, very small number of people know who the high capacity givers are. I would suggest a key staff person and a key lay person.
  3. Some Temptations are Common, some are Peculiar – High Capacity Givers face unique temptations. When forming your teaching plan, keep in mind that HCG’s are seeking spiritual guidance as much as anyone else. They will migrate toward those churches that bring the scriptures to bear on their unique challenges.
  4. Ask Big – HCG’s have no respect for the minister who fails to remind them that they will one day given an account for their stewardship.
  5. Easy to Love and Easy to Lead – From my experience HCG’s have so much on their plate they are not in the habit of adding stress to the organizations they are a part of. They know the difficult load that leaders carry and they have a tendency to be load lifters. The affluent believer who attempts to throw his or her weight around is the minority.
  6. The Big “Mo” – HCG’s are attracted to what John Maxwell calls, “The Big Mo”, momentum. The marathon of church leadership is seasonal and cyclical, but watch for the seasons of increased momentum as an opportunity to connect with HCG’s.
  7. Excellence Matters – HCG’s are drawn to quality. They are uncomfortable in an environment where things aren’t done with excellence. Non-HCG’s appreciate it as well, but will, at times, tolerate less. HCG’s will not.
  8. HCG’s Flock – The HCG’s in the vicinity of your church know each other. If you connect with HCG’s it is far better to also connect with his or her friends rather than his or her bank account.
  9. Emphasize the ROI – ROI stands for the Return on Investment. HCG’s view the world through the lens of sowing and reaping. The church leader is in a sense a spiritual fund manager. It is your job to give the HCG great confidence that you have the ability to cause his or her investment to bear eternal dividends.
  10. Lead by Example – HCG’s are seeking spiritual fulfillment in life. Most have already discovered that wealth is not the answer. You have the remarkable privilege to introduce them to the joy of giving. Allow them to see that generosity is a joy. Nothing is more contagious than joy.


Consider the HCG’s in your mission field. What churches are reaching them well? How could we all reach them better?


Zach Terry is a generosity catalyst. He is known for his ability to develop strategies that engage, develop and leverage high capacity donors for Christ-centered ministries. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, from which he received the Westminster John Knox Press Award. In 2016, he was honored as one of the Connect Faith’s “Agents of Change”. He has led churches in Kentucky and Alabama prior to his current post as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, FL. Most importantly, Zach enjoys family life with his wife, Julie, son Cole, and two daughters, Carly and Caitlyn.