Top 10 Myths Of A Generous Church

I constantly hear pastors bemoan why their church is not more generous. “Our people just don’t give enough” or “We aren’t a rich church”  or “We are just a small church” are the most common replies I encounter. It is so easy for expansive generosity to be considered an experience for someone else. Before you write off your church’s generosity potential here is my Top 10 list of characteristics you probably won’t find in a generous church.

  1. Generous Churches are huge.
    • False: They come in all sizes.
  2. Generous Churches are filled with rich people.
    • False: They are filled with growing people.
  3. Generous Churches are in the Bible Belt.
    • False: They are anywhere.
  4. Generous Churches are older and more mature.
    • False: They believe generosity is for everyone.
  5. Generous Churches are growing rapidly.
    • False: They are strategically aligned.
  6. Generous Churches are only about numbers.
    • False: They are about impact.
  7. Generous Churches have a charismatic leader.
    • False: They are led by a visionary leader.
  8. Generous Churches are in big cities.
    • False: They are where a generous leader is.
  9. Generous Churches have a large staff and budget.
    • False: They have a leadership pipeline and focus their spending.
  10. Generous Churches have no debt.
    • False: They prioritize giving first.

Consistently I find that one characteristic above all others surfaces every time you encounter a generous church. You will discover a generous staff being led by a generous pastor. Generous leaders do not require a certain income level, age range, or even deep spiritual maturity. So take the time to invest in growing generous leaders and watch how God transforms your resource flow.