Podcast: Episode 9- Raising Generous Kids in a Selfie World

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Drew Formsma, author of Everyday Generosity. During their conversation, they discuss how and why parents should teach their kids about generosity.

Best Quotes

“We really worked this together to help define and discover and demonstrate the ins and outs of generosity.”

“It is so important for generosity to start when the kids are at home.”

“It starts with opening up opportunities, showing your kids where they can give and how they can step into everyday giving experiences.”

“I think all those excuses go out the window because God calls us to step into someone else’s need without asking for anything in return.”

“It’s all about rethinking the whole definition of giving.”

“Giving is not about us. It is not about our own good.”

“Remember that we can step into this daily, weekly, monthly.”

“If we block someone’s generosity, we could be blocking them from ever giving again.”

Drew Formsma is widely known as a voice to his generation and a peer who can communicate with them, unlike any adult. He began speaking with his dad in 2016 at the age of fourteen to audiences of tens of thousands of people around the world on the simple idea that generosity is the key to a better life. Drew lives in Southern California with his family and has set his sights on playing the top 100 golf courses in America by the age of forty.


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