Good, Great, and Anointed!

The Lord has blessed me with having been in and out of scores of churches through decades of ministry. I have been honored to personally experience the depth, breadth, and width of the many expressions of the kingdom. I have seen the inspiring and the troubling. Many of the churches that contact me regarding financial opportunities are congregations that are experiencing positive movement leading to the next development in ministry. While I have no science to offer, I have intuitively noticed some leadership habits in churches that are experiencing a good ministry, a great journey, and a period of anointing.

While I don’t think you can formulate a unique movement of God, I would like to encourage you with a few leadership patterns I have found consistent.

I hope they spur you on towards your goal.

  1. A deep commitment on the staff to personal holiness.
  2. A strong conviction and reliance on the authority of Scripture over life.
  3. A calling to that specific location.
  4. A daily reliance on God in prayer and a keen sense of listening to his leadings.
  5. A humility and flexibility to do whatever it takes even if that means dramatic change.
  6. A willingness to fail.
  7. A passion for personal evangelism.
  8. A result that can only be explained by a move of God, not the brilliance of an individual.
  9. A powerfully clear and unique vision that is met with bold faith.
  10. A surrender to pursue only the glory of God not the acclaim of others.

I want these things to encourage you as a leader to follow God with all your heart. They are items every leader can pursue. Exponential results may not be seen in dramatic numeric growth. We are called to sow and water in faithfulness. God alone creates the increase. Recommit yourself today to your God, staff, people, and city.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that these churches also exhibit average preaching, common music, dated ministries, and disorganized leadership. The special sauce isn’t always what you think.