Podcast: Episode 12: Launch a Generosity Ministry with Clear Goals, Gunnar Johnson

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, executive vice president at MortarStone. During their conversation, they discuss what you need to do when God puts it on your heart to start a generosity ministry.

Best Quotes

“If God puts it on your heart to start a generosity ministry, you really have to think and pray through, ‘Lord, what do I want for the people that you’ve asked me to serve in my congregation?’”

“Most families, regardless of income level, are in some kind of financial challenge.”

“Begin to anchor all of the things you want to see in the lives of these families in Scripture.”

“If your motivation is purely organizational fundraising, they are going to know that.”

“The proper motivation is to teach on money and management of money for the benefit of the individual.”

“Raise the money for the organization, but do it because it’s the best thing for the individuals.”

“Less people are going to church but there are still a big percentage of people trying church for the first time.”

“Your wealthy family who is dealing with the spiritual challenge of having an abundance has a different spiritual need for discipleship.”

“Don’t be shy to create new things that fit your people group.”

Before founding Generosity and Stewardship Strategies in 2017 and co-founding Financial Freedom International in 2015, Gunnar Johnson was a local church pastor and business owner. He serves as Executive Vice President of MortarStone. Gunnar has a passion for teaching biblical generosity and financial stewardship to individuals, churches, nonprofits, and businesses.

You can learn more about Gunnar’s ministry here: www.learngenerosity.com.

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