Generous Parents Raise Generous Kids

Recently the Barna Group along with Thrivent released a study called “The Generosity Gap.” One of the patterns it uncovered was the power of modeling generosity, especially in the home. It appears that more generosity is discussed and learned in the home the chances of a child being generous as an adult are greatly increased.

Now, for many married couples, the topic of money can be pretty stressful and is often avoided. However, I want to provide some easy tips to turn a negative conversation into a productive one.

So here are some helps for parents who want to grow generous kids…

  1. Make your first gift as a married couple to your church and talk about why it was important to you. I personally would not begin with the tithing discussion because that can lead to defeat right out of the gate. Make your gift, pray that God would use it to bless others through the ministries of your church, and talk about it with your kids.
  2. Take your kids shopping for a family in need. Kids are tangible learners and love to give. They do not have all the hang-ups that parents often have when it comes to money hardships. Kids get a real kick out of buying for others, especially hurting kids. So organize an opportunity to buy clothes, toys, or food for a family. Then donate them.
  3. Pray generous prayers. Model praying for people that your children know. Pray blessings, favor, healing, provision, and protection out loud for others with your kids. Money is not the only way to unleash a giving spirit. It really begins in our heart.
  4. Speak generous words. Be positive in your home. Complement others regular. Always seek to speak great things about others. The Bible says our words come from our heart and that the tongue can be divisive. We have to choose a generous heart and generous words.
  5. Be consistent with generosity. We learn by repetition. Repetition creates a habit. Habits create a lifestyle. Giving is really good for both the giver and the receiver. You will be surprised by the side benefits of living generously as a family. It will relieve you some stress, create a new perspective, and direct a new destiny.

God bless parents and let’s raise generous kids.