Digital Giving for a Smaller, Older Church

We get a significant number of calls from churches that are very eager to explore the options of digital giving for their church. However, many approach us with this thought in their minds that they might be too small or not have enough younger members to take full advantage of digital giving services. So if that is you, I want to give you a sneak peek into some of our conversations that are helping smaller, older churches unleash generosity.

  1. Digital giving is a discipleship opportunity. While everyone may not take advantage of the digital giving features you offer, some will, and to them, it will be a very meaningful step of spiritual growth. For those that do not, it will be inspiring to hear all their church is providing.
  2. Digital giving makes financial sense. While I can’t speak for other companies, I know at Lifeway we have worked hard to make sure that the smallest of churches can see a positive return on their investment over the course of the year. It is really an easy financial decision to make. When you follow our coaching, the giving spirit will increase.
  3. Digital giving opens new giving opportunities for all. Typically speaking, the older a person becomes, the more assets they accumulate. Then we hit a stage in life when income becomes fixed. This leaves us in a place where our assets can be of more value than our income. The ability to easily receive noncash items as gifts is critical. It blesses the giver to be able to participate as well as the deepens the financial resources of the church. Our digital giving platform is the only one that liquidates items like stocks, real estate, RV’s, jewelry, and any item of value for you.
  4. Digital giving creates new spiritual conversations. I think we all are aware of some of the pains created by digital devices, but we need to turn the conversation into spiritual opportunities. Giving digitally allows you to actually give your First Fruits first, any day of the week. It also trains you to be prepared, sensitive, and alert because God can speak to you any day about giving to a cause. Then when he speaks, you can respond immediately!
  5. Digital giving is for everyone. It really is not a young person thing. If you can play Solitaire on a computer, read the newspaper online, or scroll through a Facebook feed, you can enjoy the Generosity by Lifeway app. We have worked hard to make the giving experience easy for the pastor and fun for the giver.

So, I want to encourage you to keep pursuing the desire to be more active as a church in the opportunity to unleash giving. Digital giving is just one way, and it can be as powerful as your offering moment.