Podcast: Episode 13- Making Giving Easy and Fun for Givers

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Ray Gary, co-founder and CEO of iDonate. During their conversation, they discuss how to personalize the generosity program in your organization.

Best Quotes

“After pursuing success for 30 years, I became convicted that I should be using the gifts and talents God had given me to really make an impact, not just a profit.”

“I was really struck by the statistic that we only gave two percent of personal disposable income.”

“We have to get to where we are focused on the donor or supporter in the organization and how we make that experience easy, secure, and personalized to them.”

“In the non-profit world, the ask is made based on what the person cares about, not necessarily a blanket ask.”

“You always want to simplify the friction out of the process, because the benefit has to outweigh the number of steps the person has to take to actually give a gift.”

“People are six times more likely to abandon a transaction if they are led off the webpage.”

“To the extent that you can make it real and connect the giver to the actual impact they are making, you will appeal to their heart.”

“Take the time to connect the ask to the impact.”

Ray is the CEO of iDonate, a company that provides nonprofits with technology solutions to do more good in the world. Ray’s experience in launching, building and helping businesses succeed spans nearly three decades, including various leadership positions in technology companies. Previously, he served as President of the Venture Capital group of Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest private companies, where he oversaw numerous technology investments. Ray currently serves as a Board member of the Highland Park chapter of KLIFE – a faith-based ministry for students and also sits on the Board of the greater Baton Rouge/LSU area Young Life ministry.

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