VLOG: Preach Less On Money More On Generosity

Pastor, I want to help you gain confidence and freedom as you plan your future preaching. Now, I know money is not your favorite topic and you would rather not have to preach about it. I get it. So let me help you preach less about it.

I want you to think for a moment about what a generous person looks like? What habits do they possess? What characteristics or attributes do live? Describe their emotional disposition or maybe how they go about living their day. What does a generous person think and feel? How do they act and react? How do they behave?

When you think about a generous person, words like thoughtful, caring, others-centered, joyous, sensitive, alert, responsive, and giving come to mind. Words that probably didn’t come to mind were wealthy, rich, or has been a member of our church for a very long time.

Now, let’s transfer these words and thoughts to our preaching and teaching. How many preaching series can you create over the next 3 years to help people live more generous lives? Leading with generosity versus money is a better way to go. You already know what a generous life looks like and how money is just one thing people give. A giver is not created from a wallet but from a heart. Go after the heart.

Finally, what would it look like to have a church full of generous people? The kind you just described. What would your staff look like? What about your greeter team, deacons, or small group leaders? Generous people will bless every area of your ministry. Go unleash giving today.