Podcast: Episode 14- Plastic Donuts: Discover How Our Giving Makes God Feel

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Jeff Anderson, founder of Acceptable Gift and author of Plastic Donuts and Divine Applause. During their conversation, they discuss how God feels about our generosity.

Best Quotes

“When I learned that the Bible had things to say about money, I was very intrigued.”

“Our offerings we give are like plastic toys to God, but they have the power to connect us to the Father.”

“When we give, He is watching, He reacts, and when we see His reaction it encourages our reaction.”

“We get caught up a lot in the horizontal dimension of giving.”

“When we give gifts that don’t have any value to us, they don’t mean anything to God.”

“The book Plastic Donuts really centers around the idea of what is an acceptable gift.”

“Your gift, like a plastic donut, can still please God.”

“We see in Scripture that just because you tithe doesn’t mean your gift is pleasing to God.”

“I would encourage pastors to double or triple your regularity on the teaching of giving.”

After a roller coaster trading career, followed by a seven-year season with an international ministry, Jeff started a nonprofit organization called Acceptable Gift. This is where he writes about things like Plastic Donuts and Divine Applause.

You can learn more about Jeff’s ministry at his website: www.jeffandersonauthor.com.

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