Podcast: Episode 17 How to Grow a Generous Team

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, the Executive VP at MortarStone and former Stewardship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas. During their conversation, they discuss how to get paid staff support and volunteer lay-led support.

Best Quotes

“If you get the whole staff involved in your volunteer leadership team, you are going to have a lot more inertia in building the momentum for this churchwide generosity push.”

“God won’t bless a church that mishandles money.”

“Every dollar should equal souls in the Kingdom and waste of the widow’s mite is not acceptable.”

“Most pastors don’t come into the ministry with a deep understanding of God’s Word on money.”

“If a staff member isn’t properly equipped then it is unfair to hold them to the standard to be a giver.”

“The more engaged someone becomes in living out the vision of the local church the more generous they become.”

“As the heart is engaged, the pocketbook follows.”

“Always start with heart transformation with your staff.”

“Lead with your own story and your own transformation and you will have passionate staff member that follow your lead because of your transparency.”

“I have never ministered in a church where there wasn’t at least one person who said they felt called to this ministry as a lay person.”

Before founding Generosity and Stewardship Strategies in 2017 and co-founding Financial Freedom International in 2015, Gunnar Johnson was a local church pastor and business owner. He serves as Executive Vice President of MortarStone. Gunnar has a passion for teaching biblical generosity and financial stewardship to individuals, churches, nonprofits, and businesses.

You can learn more about Gunnar’s ministry here: www.learngenerosity.com.

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