Podcast: Episode 18- Easy Ways to Be Generous to Your City

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Eric Koehler, pastor of ValleyPoint Church in Glen Mills, PA. During their conversation, they discuss leading the church to be generous in the city.

Best Quotes

“Love days are simply our opportunity as a church to think about others by loving and serving them.”

“We try to make it possible for everyone possible in the church to participate in love days.”

“We run our love days throughout the school year. One month is a Saturday serve day where we get our hands dirty and go out into the community, and then the other month is a collection day where we ask people to bring stuff to church with them.”

“You don’t have to go too far from our church to find significant poverty. There are really good organizations that are doing work in these areas and we started to partner with them.”

“We can’t get too consumed with us and with what happens on our property that we lose sight of all of these wonderful partnerships we’ve established.”

“People know that we are the church that goes out and does things.”

“The consistency in participating in these love days has demonstrated goodwill to our neighbors.”

“I believe unleashing generosity on a city flows from a deep love for the city.”

“Give yourself permission to continually fall in love with the uniqueness of your context.”

Eric serves as the lead pastor of ValleyPoint Church in Glen Mills, PA. Glen Mills is a beautiful community located twenty minutes southwest of Philadelphia. ValleyPoint is passionate about serving the communities within its reach. ValleyPoint’s short story is to accelerate into its surrounding communities at the speed of real relationships and surprise them with the love of Jesus and the joyous impact of his church. 

Eric and his wife Tonia recently celebrated twenty-five years of marriage and have six children – three boys and three girls ranging in age from twenty-three to eight.

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