VLOG: Two Dreams

Pastor, have you ever spent the time thinking about what motivates your desire to see people give more? I do not think I have ever met a pastor who did not want to see giving increase in his church. So occasionally we muster up the courage to preach on money or have a guest speaker come in and do it for us.

I want to help you unlock a secret that generous churches know. Lead with what is best for the person, not the church. Here is what I want to encourage you to do. Create two dreams, then lead towards these dreams.

First Dream: Articulate what a life or family looks like when they are living God’s generosity dream. Grab a few stories of giving heroes in the Bible or select a few promises and principles that generous people live. Now, be sure to choose the positive ones that encourage, inspire, and affirm. People can already feel guilty or even shamed over their giving practices. Help them see what God has for them without any regard as to what kind of financial response it may create toward your church. Be pro-people. Be sure to think through the different age groups, income levels, and spiritual maturity levels. Gain a real practical dream that can inspire your preaching.

Second Dream: What does a generous church look like when it is led by a generous team filled with generous people? This is a totally different question then how do we get people to give more so we can do more or relieve a financial pressure? You see, you will never experience a generous church or a generous culture until you are led by a generous team filled with generous people. 

So let’s move our focus from having church financial needs at the center, the dollar or percentage amount people give, to placing a person’s heart squarely at the center. This goes for our teams and our people. Transforming hearts and lives creates the culture you are looking for. You will actually find yourself preaching on money less and generosity more. Go unleash giving today.