How to Learn from Disney’s Guest Experience

Recently I spent two days at Disneyland Resort and Disney’s California Adventure.

Here are just a few snapshots of Disney’s exceptional Guest Experience:

How do you know this is NOT a bench at Disneyland Resort?
It has not been wiped dry before the Guests arrive.

You know you are in for a good day at Disneyland Resort when custodial Cast Members are wiping down the TRASH CANS one hour before the parks are open. The entire 3rd shift’s focus: getting the parks ready for the next day’s Guests.

While standing in line for the opening of the park, let your senses prepare you for the Guest Experience:

  • Fresh paint – somewhere, every night
  • Upbeat music that increases in tempo as the opening approaches
  • Tasty aroma of popcorn and other goodies
  • Clean restrooms
  • Just-trimmed shrubs
  • Cast Member smiles

Are you expecting Guests? A lot of them? Plan ahead.

Of course, sometimes your senses can be overstimulated!

Compelling environments create memorable Guest Experiences.

Celebrate special occasions with surprise and delight.

Remember that your Guests come in all sizes.

Why do custodial Cast Members continue sweeping right up to the start of the parade?
1) Safety – so no one will slip.
2) Courtesy – people appreciate cleanliness.
3) Show – the parade route is one of the most photographed i.e. “visible” places.
4) Efficiency – constant sweeping makes the task easier.
That’s Disney’s 4 Keys (values) in action.

Every day.

Every way.

What takeaways can you learn and apply?