When Giving Is Contagious

 When Giving Is Contagious

Brittany McFadden, Platform Coordinator

I want to introduce you to Brittany McFadden. She is our Platform Coordinator handling all digital content and messaging. She works tirelessly to share generosity resources with churches every week. Brittany is an avid learner, having begun as a Generosity Specialist before her promotion to her current position. On the weekend Brittany serves as a Wedding Planner and she loves a good cruise! At a recent team meeting, Brittany opened up about a challenging time in her life when she received generosity then was able to pass the blessing on. Enjoy her story!

Being generous is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying traits a person can have. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the expression of joy, relief, and shock of a person on the receiving end of generosity.

Being generous is defined as a willingness to give money, help, kindness, etc., especially more than is usual or expected (Cambridge). When I take a trip down memory lane I am overwhelmed by the amount of grace and provision the Lord has shown me through His people. The past is not a bright place for many, including myself, but it was those times of generosity where glimpses of light penetrated through the darkness and etched kindness in my heart forever.

Now, I wake up every day with gratefulness and a passion to serve a very generous and loving God who has performed the greatest act of generosity of all time. Since receiving His love, grace, and salvation I now lead a generous life as a living witness of His love.

Generosity is so contagious! Every time I find myself in a moment of unexpected kindness it increases the desire within me to pass it on to someone else. My greatest generosity moment started by an act of generosity towards me. At one point, I found myself at a very hard, difficult, and vulnerable time in life where I had no place to live. A family from my church was so gracious to let me live with them and helped me get on my feet. I was so grateful I made sure I treated their home with respect and I wanted to be a blessing to them in any way I could. Those two years taught me so much about God’s generosity and provision. 

God had begun to bless my life in ways that I could only give Him glory and honor. So, as a young woman, single at the time, who had worked her way out of debt, had her own place, and was now looking toward a very promising future, I felt the urge to be a blessing to someone. Just like that, I met a pair of fun, talented, yet wounded and misfortuned sisters who reminded me of myself. I prayed and asked the Lord ‘How can I help these young girls?’ It started with just conversations and simply inviting them to church. They joined me at church, and their mother followed shortly. They would all in a very short time give their lives to Christ and I would provide them a place to stay just like that family did for me. 

I watched these girls grow, becoming more serious and involved in their schools, and learning to express themselves in positive ways. Today, they are leading women with strong work ethics. Most importantly they have such kind and giving hearts.

Generosity breeds generosity. Being generous is more than an act, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is contagious in all the best ways. Go unleash giving today!