Vlog: Having A Generosity Plan

A few years ago I was a part of a research project with churches running 1,000+ in weekend worship attendance. One of the takeaways from that project was the number of churches that said they were significantly concerned about not have a generosity growth plan. So I thought I would help you with that plan today. First, it is really important to have a plan. Without a plan, you will not be able to measure progress or know where you may have a pending challenge. 

Second, creating a plan is free. All it cost is your time to invest in the plan. So when you think of investing no physical resources to potentially grow resources, it becomes a no brainer.

Third, you are going to create an imperfect plan, but do not let that hinder you. Admit at the outset it will not be the best you can do or will do in the future, but you are going to get started on a generosity plan.

So here are a couple of easy steps to take.

  1. Set a date when you would like to launch your plan. This will give you a target deadline. You do not have to make the launch a big deal. It can simply be the day you decide to start practicing your plays in some kind of public fashion.
  2. Set a goal of what you would like to accomplish in your first year. It may be something like, launch a message series on the different ways we live generously or a targeted discipleship ministry toward those with the spiritual gift of giving. You can make the goal big or small. Just give yourself a target.
  3. Gain a resource or outside input to help guide your planning. There are several resources at LifewayGenerosity.com that are easy starting points. Let me mention two.
    1. Leading A Generous Church is a 30-day guide to help church leaders begin generosity planning conversations. It is a daily read through Proverbs with some individual and team assignments along the way.
    2. Generous Life is a five-part teaching series with small group discussion guides built around 5 generosity growth steps every person takes matched with 10 giving heroes straight from scripture.

So let me encourage you to get started on creating your plan. We have tons of free resources at LifewayGenerosity.com. Go unleash giving today!