Podcast Episode 24: Not Your Grandma’s Capital Campaign

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Greg Gibbs, Director of Strategic Planning at Kensington Church and Lead Navigator with Auxano. During their conversation, they discuss leading a successful capital campaign.

Best Quotes

“If you have high values around clarity and discipleship, that means you are really caregiving to your people as you are walking them through what otherwise could be a scary thing.”

“If a capital campaign is done well, it becomes a spiritual emphasis time in the church, by which people often mark time.”

“You cannot raise extra dollars easily if you are not connecting people with how that money will impact the community for Christ.”

“A capital campaign is a catalyst for waking people up to the vision.”

“The work ahead of the campaign is way more important than the public phase.”

“If you have any trepidation about a capital campaign, but you have built up levels of trust in your people, you are so far down the road already to having a successful campaign.”

“The conditions that are ripe for an effective capital campaign are when there is trust in leadership, there is clear and compelling vision, and there is a sense that God is already at work.”

“Don’t microwave the process. Make sure that you soak in this for as long as you need to, to make sure that it is a spiritually encouraging process for your people as well as financially successful.”

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Greg Gibbs was raised in the Philadelphia area but set down roots in the suburbs of Detroit. As the son of an IBM executive, his instincts for leadership were shaped early. He studied Organizational Communication as an undergrad and holds a master’s degree in Theology.  After years of pastoral leadership in the church, Greg turned his attention to consulting and has spent time traveling the country working with church leaders.

After twelve years of pastoral ministry and fifteen years as a consultant, Greg joined the Auxano team in 2016 as a Lead Navigator. He coaches senior leadership with Vision Clarity, Long-Range Planning, and Resourcing through Capital Campaigns and Generosity Development. He is the author of Capital Campaign Playbook: An Insider Look at a Church Consultant’s Game Plan.

Greg is both a practitioner and consultant. He holds an adjunct position as Director of Organizational Advancement for Kensington Church – serving his home church by leading Church Planting and Leadership Development initiatives. Kensington is a multi-site church and has helped fund and coach over 70 church plants around the country. 

Greg has been married to Andrea for 29 years and they have four children, one daughter-in-law, two dogs named Walter and Gustavo, and like to roast their own coffee with beans they purchase at the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. 

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