Podcast Episode 26: Who wants a trillion dollars?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, former stewardship pastor and Executive Vice President at MortarStone. During their conversation, they discuss the 30 trillion-dollar wealth transfer.

Best Quotes

“Those dollars represent the accumulated assets of all the families over this economic boom that we have had in the United States for all these years, and it has to go somewhere.”

“With the right training and a little bit of insight, pastors can do this well in the church.”

“Look up passages in the Bible that give you confidence in biblical inheritance and how well that can be handled.”

“You can encourage your families to create their own family foundation if they have the assets.”

“Become biblically aware of the principal of inheritance and get a vision for your future that’s really, really big.”

“Because this area is vast and there are a lot of different ways to do it, it is good to get an outside perspective on what makes the most sense for the objectives the church has.”

“Don’t miss out on your opportunity to receive a portion of this gigantic wealth transfer.”

Before founding Generosity and Stewardship Strategies in 2017 and co-founding Financial Freedom International in 2015, Gunnar Johnson was a local church pastor and business owner. He serves as Executive Vice President of MortarStone. Gunnar has a passion for teaching biblical generosity and financial stewardship to individuals, churches, nonprofits, and businesses.
You can learn more about Gunnar’s ministry here: www.learngenerosity.com.

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