Podcast Episode 30: What do you do when your economy falls apart?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Mike Walker, Lead Pastor, and Sean Walker, Executive Pastor, from Bayou Church in Lafayette, LA. During their conversation, they discuss what to do when people and giving are down.

Best Quotes

“You want to have a great ministry in the community and it takes money to fund that. All of a sudden you have no money, that doesn’t change your need for ministry, it changes your approach to do the ministry.”

“I like living outside of the Bible belt because people are fresh and hungry for what the Scripture teaches.”

“Once you are sure about what your why is, it helps answer the other questions.”

“Clear vision leads to increased generosity.”

“We took up an offering in the midst of a difficult time in our church and our people responded and they gave above and beyond.”

“You don’t have to have a lot of resources to be generous.”

“I try to disciple people to become obedient to the voice of God.”

“In those crisis moments, we felt compelled to do what God has called us to do – be the hands and feet.”

“You don’t measure your effectiveness in the kingdom of God by the size of your budget.”

“We’ve done more with a million dollars less this year than we were doing 5 years ago with a million dollars more.”

“God’s economy surpasses anything else that is going on in the country.”

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Mike Walker has faithfully served The Bayou Church over 30 years as Senior Pastor. Through his courageous leadership, the church has grown exponentially. His passion and vision are to see lives transformed in Acadiana and beyond through Christ-centered relationships. When not working, Padre enjoys time with his wife, Paula, children, and grandchildren.

Sean Walker serves as the Executive Pastor at The Bayou Church. He officially joined the staff in 2008 as the Student Pastor and led 6th-12th-grade students until 2015. Sean loves having a front-row seat to see God’s miracles in people’s lives every day. When not preaching, leading staff or spending time with people in the church, you can find this Saints fan watching football, training for marathons, or spending time with his wife, Tory, and their two kids.

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