Podcast Episode 32: My Favorite Sermon Series Ever

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Eric Koehler, Lead Pastor at ValleyPoint Church in Glen Mills, PA. During their conversation, they discuss why Eric’s sermon series “Life Verse” is so impactful.

Best Quotes

“What started as a way to fill a few weeks so that we could get on to something serious, has become something we have done for seven straight years and has helped our church fall in love with Scripture.”

“If you want this to be your best year, pursue having your best spiritual year.”

“One of the ways you can potentially have your best spiritual year is to start it by anchoring your soul with some words of God that you memorize and hang on to through all the ups and downs you go through.”

“This simple exercise challenges and encourages people to see God and plant some of His words in their hearts.”

“I encourage families to use this as a time to have great spiritual conversations centered on God’s Word.”

“When you encourage people to try and pursue God this way, they do it!”

“People are more generous the more engaged they become.”

“I’m amazed at how many times the verses they chose in January are exactly what they need for what they are coming to see me for.”

“People are looking for anchor points in their lives. And spiritual disciplines like time in God’s Word have the ability to provide those anchor points.”

Eric serves as the lead pastor of ValleyPoint Church in Glen Mills, PA. Glen Mills is a beautiful community located twenty minutes southwest of Philadelphia. ValleyPoint is passionate about serving the communities within its reach. ValleyPoint’s short story is to accelerate into its surrounding communities at the speed of real relationships and surprise them with the love of Jesus and the joyous impact of his church. 

Eric and his wife Tonia recently celebrated twenty-five years of marriage and have six children – three boys and three girls ranging in age from twenty-three to eight.

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