Podcast Episode 35: How Your Data Can Drive Increased Engagement

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Bill Newman, president of Servant PC. During their conversation, they discuss how to turn your data into a successful engagement strategy.

Best Quotes

“Why track any of this information at all if you aren’t going to use it to grow the ministry?”

“There is no point in collecting data just to have it sit in a system somewhere.”

“We want to put all of that at the pastor’s and ministry leaders’ fingertips so they can access and use that data to make good decisions.”

“Analytical data about our donors is going to tell us things like how engaged people are in our ministry and where our ministry is heading.”

“If someone is a first-time give the system can be setup so that it automates a thank you letter going to them.”

“You can have different members on your team have different levels of access to the granular contribution information.”

“We want a cheerful giver and sometimes just encouraging them goes a long way.”

“It’s more than just software, we really are trying to grow your ministry.”

Bill Newman is the President of Servant PC Resources, maker of Servant Keeper one of the most popular church software systems on the market. Bill has over 25 years of experience in local church ministry in everything from full-time pastoral ministry to volunteering in the nursery, so he has a pretty good idea of what churches do.  His passion is to help more churches reach more people with the Gospel.

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