Podcast Episode 37: Topics to Teach Beyond Stewardship 101

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen and co-host George Thompson, Pastor of Stewardship at Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, are joined by Dave Briggs, Stewardship Pastor at Central Christian Church, in Phoenix, AZ. During their conversation, they discuss going beyond the basics of stewardship training.

Best Quotes

“God impressed on me very early on in the process that the Bible is filled with all kinds of very specific teaching on stewardship and yet, for the most part, most churches have not taken advantage of that.”

“Always start with what God wants us to know in His Word about how to relate to money, how to manage money, and how money can be a positive in your spiritual life and not a negative.”

“I do believe we have a responsibility to make sure that we clearly define what stewardship is and what it isn’t.”

“It isn’t that God needs our money, or even that churches need our money, but we need to develop a biblically-centered view of what it’s like to live as a steward.”

“From a biblical standpoint, your relationship to money will always impact your relationship to God.”

“We are constantly looking for and creating new classes around specific felt needs.”

“There is so much emotion associated with money that that emotion often keeps people from engaging because they are scared or embarrassed.”

“Our biggest issue is overcoming the emotion about money that keeps people from engaging in the first place.”

“Generous people will give, but you can give without being generous.”

Dave Briggs spent the first 27 years of his career working for General Electric as a Financial Manager. In his early twenties, he became passionate about learning and teaching what the Bible says about money.

In 2002, Dave left the business world and joined the staff of Willow Creek Community Church, near Chicago, to lead their Financial Stewardship Ministry. During that time he developed various seminars and classes to equip God’s people in biblical principles of handling money.

In 2009, Dave joined the staff at Central Christian Church of Arizona to develop a full-time stewardship ministry and in 2010, he published a financial parenting seminar in DVD form called “Raising Financially Freed-up Kids.” 

Dave currently serves on the board of the Christian Stewardship Network and is past Chairman of the Board of Financial Planning Ministry. Dave regularly speaks at churches and conferences around the country.

Dave is married to Debbie and they live in the greater Phoenix area. They have two grown sons, who are both currently serving in full-time ministry. Dave is passionate about spreading God’s message of biblical stewardship and never tires of seeing how gaining a biblical perspective on stewardship changes lives.

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