Podcast Episode 41: Helping Your Staff Grow in Giving

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen and George Thompson, Stewardship Pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA, are joined by Leo Sabo, President of the Christian Stewardship Network. During their conversation, they discuss being a passionate leader in the stewardship area and how to have the whole team succeed.

Best Quotes

“If you know anyone in stewardship, you realize that they did not take the traditional route to ministry.”

“The beauty of being connected with other people that are solving these same problems is that you can learn from somebody who has already solved the problem.”

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just preach what the Word already says.”

“Unfortunately, many pastors don’t have their finances in order either, so it’s hard to speak on it when you yourself don’t have that foundation.”

“Knowing what God says and applying it to your life in today’s culture isn’t easy.”

“Preaching has to come down to motivating people to change the way they are using their money.”

“As you take baby steps forward, invite them to take steps forward as well.”

Leo loves to see people experience their own financial awakening. He’s spent the last 17 years working with couples, individuals and church leaders; helping them understand and manage finances conforming to Biblical principles. His life mission is, “Helping people become financially free, thereby enabling them to pursue their true life’s purpose.”

He’s served as a Stewardship Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas for 11 years, where he enjoyed building volunteer teams, teaching, coaching, and developing curriculum. In his current role as president of CSN, he gets to share the incredible impact financial stewardship and generosity can have in the Church. 

Leo and his wife Natalie have been married 30 years. They have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren, and they’re all amazing!

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