Podcast Episode 44: Helping Pastors Minister to Successful Business Leaders

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Bill High, founder and CEO of The Signatry, a Global Christian Foundation. During their conversation, they discuss shepherding and leading the most successful business leaders in your church.

Best Quotes

“A business leader is trying to lead and grow a business. He’s trying to move a group of people along around a particular mission and vision.”

“While the endgame for a pastor and business owner is different, the process to move it along is similar.”

“Pastors, you have a platform that business leaders need in their lives.”

“When a business owner grabs hold of the idea that God owns their business, there is only one response, which is ultimately the outflow of generosity.”

“Sit down with a business owner and ask them some basic questions about how their business works.”

“God called business people before they were prophets.”

“When you read your Bible, try to find business leaders in it and you will start to get some strength in this area to speak to business leaders like you never have before.”

Bill High practiced law for 12 years before becoming the CEO of the The Signatry. As CEO, he has spent over 18 years helping families live simply and give generously. He specializes in coaching families, individual givers, and financial advisers regarding biblical generosity and family legacy. He and his wife Brooke have four children and two grandchildren.

You can learn more about Bill’s ministry here: www.billhigh.com.

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