Best Financial Year Ever

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like for your church to have its best financial year ever? I know dreaming about finances typically does not rank high on too many pastors lists. When you think of church finances “nightmare” might be the more appropriate word. Now, your finances may not be in bad shape at all, but they could get better. What would it be like if we dreamed together about your church’s Best Financial Year Ever?

First, you would not experience long term financial stress during the year. Those Monday morning blues as you see the weekly offering report would be a thing of the past. Which means all those conversations with your leaders about the offering being behind budget and the need to reduce expenses would never occur. Then, when you arrive at May, staring down all those summer event expenses, there would be no pressure for a “Catch Up Offering,” before the giving slumps. Just look at the potential unrest we have eliminated in the first few months of the year!

Then, if you are experiencing the best financial year ever for your church, here are some wonderful gifts you will be able to enjoy. A team that is locked arms together not concerned about the budget, but driving towards success of the mission. Your financial leaders will be singing your praises. Then, when you will share with your people how incredible finances are going, their confidence will raise which means giving will increase. The possibility to dream new dreams and accomplish new things is now on the horizon. You can say “yes” to more ideas and ministry initiatives all while watching your cash reserves grow.

Next, do you know what happens when you start to string a couple of these great financial years together? Well, you can start paying cash for some pretty expensive items like that remodel you have been pushing back, the new AV system that is long overdue, and reducing the lingering church debt can all become lasting achievements.

You may have heard this leadership axium, “if we keep doing the same thing we will keep getting the same result.” It is usually said in terms of negative behaviors, but it can also be turned positive. The Bible actually affirms this principle when it states we reap what we sow. I want you to know that 2020 is being dedicated to helping churches achieve their “Best Financial Year Ever.” Week in and week out, we experience this alongside of many churches. However, we also encounter the other kinds of scenarios. We want to leverage our success and help you move into an unstoppable generosity cycle.

In 2020 I will be delivering free tips and tools. I will be answering your questions and giving you insights all at no cost to you. All you have to do is join our newly launched Facebook Group “Church Giving and Stewardship.” I will be leading this community of pastors who desire to see their “Best Financial Year Ever.” Here are some of the themes I will be addressing.

  • Living My Own Generosity Dream
  • Discover What Motivates Generous People
  • Training My Team To Be Generosity Leaders
  • Clarifying 1, 2, and 3 Year Big Picture Ministry Goals
  • Crafting A Budget Driven Towards Our Goals
  • Planning My Generosity Sermon Series
  • Launching Generosity Driven Small Groups
  • Discipling Key Givers
  • Celebrating The Wins and Thanking Givers

Stay tuned and join our Facebook group “Church Giving And Stewardship.” We are going to bless you with free help to unleash your “Best Financial Year Ever!” Unleash giving today!