Generosity Secrets Revealed

Today, I am going to pull back the curtain on some trade secrets. Yes, generosity professionals have them. That is why they are paid the big bucks to help churches climb big mountains. 

First, a little background. I spent the better part of twenty years travelling the country helping churches navigate financial opportunities. I have helped develop strategies to raise tens of millions of dollars as well as crafted plans to reduce debt of similar sizes. There have been unbelievable mountain top experiences as well as some challenges that would take your breath away, keeping you up all night long. Each day I would wake up in a new city, helping a new church for 20 years. It was the ride of my life and I learned a ton.

Now, I am leading Lifeway Generosity, no longer a travelling strategist, but I have two decades of trade secrets in my head. I want to steward them well so here is what we are going to do. Our team is driving towards, praying towards, and resourcing as many churches as possible who want to experience their “Best Financial Year Ever.” We want to take all these trade secrets and give them away for free. 

There are principles and practices that really work. They actually produce the best results when you put them into play long before you need them. You see, I spent many days walking into a church tackling a multi-million dollar vision gap that was largely unnecessary. What the church was lacking was an ongoing system built on the secrets I knew.
So here is how you can get these secrets to unlock your “Best Financial Year Ever.” Join our newly launched Facebook Group Church Giving and Stewardship.” It’s free and not a sales pitch. In this forum I will share the secrets by creating tools and videos to unleash giving all year long in your church. You will be able to ask questions and get answers. We will even have an open forum for pastors to share the success and struggles as we learn together. Stay tuned and go unleash giving today!