Podcast Episode 46: When the People Split and So Does Everything Else

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Kevin Brimner, Lead Pastor at First Christian Church in Newbergh, Indiana. During their conversation, they discuss leading the church and its finances as they recover from a split.

Best Quotes

“We were running 1300 on an average week with a budget of $45,000. Within a year there was a new church established on our old church campus site. Our attendance bottomed out in the mid-500s and giving on the worst days was $11,000.”

“The church family was ripped apart in very profound ways.”

“I recognized that about a third of the people at our leadership gathering were not familiar with our church hurt and God was bringing new people in.”

“In this little corner of the world, God keeps bringing people to us.”

 “Numerically, from an invitational standpoint and an evangelistic standpoint we are hitting some good targets.”

“We went through a season where we reassessed our partnerships with mission agencies. We pulled out for a season, but we still set aside 10% of all the offerings so we could engage as God opened doors for us to do that.”

“From a leadership principle, God has designed each of our congregations so that all that we need to grow is there, that just like raising kids it is wise to have outside voices who are moving in the right direction to come alongside.”

“Strategically put yourself in learning partnerships where the expertise that others have can guide you through things that you may not be an expert at.”

Kevin loves the Church and has been in ministry for 30+ years, serving local churches in Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. He has served as a Family Minister, Small Groups Pastor, Executive Pastor, and since 2015 as a Lead Pastor. Kevin met his wife, Julianne, while attending Lincoln Christian University. Together they have raised 3 children and recently became grandparents. Aside from serving the church, you will find him riding motorcycles, coaching middle school girls in basketball, and eating out with family and friends. 

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