The Most Shocking Question I Have Never Been Asked

For twenty years I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to be asked one question. To me, it is an obvious question. It is a simple question. One I thought I would be asked over and over again for the past twenty years. Still, no one has ever asked me. 

Once I was asked how do I raise $15 million dollars for a building expansion? Another time, I was asked what to do about the $12 million dollar indebtedness? I have been asked repeatedly when is the best time of the year to raise money, is it ok for a pastor to know how much someone gives, and how much the offering will increase if we go digital?

Still I have never been asked the most powerful question a generosity expert could be asked. It’s the question that trumps all questions and solves all problems. It avoids the financial ditches. It funds the vision. It creates overflow and joy. It results in the most generous culture you could ever experience.

I am thinking about just answering the question without ever being asked, but am wondering if there is interest in the answer. I know how important the answer is. Once a pastor receives and practices the answer his church finances will be radically changed forever. It will turn every uphill climb into a downhill ride. 

Before I name the question, I want to inform you of how I will be unpacking the answer. Stating the question and providing the answer is the easy part. Helping church leaders live the answer will take a little time. It won’t be hard. It just takes time. If you would like to hang out with me this year via my new Facebook Group that would be great, “Church Giving & Generosity.” Any pastor can join the group. It’s not just for big churches or small churches. It is not specific to an established church or church plant. It is for every pastor whether in the city or on the farm. I will be spending the entire year helping every church have their “Best Financial Year Ever.”

Here is the most shocking question I have never been asked. “Todd, given you have over twenty years of dedicated experience helping churches summit the biggest financial mountains they have ever faced, how do I create a system that will keep my church experiencing the best financial outcome year after year after year?” In other words, how do I avoid the financial ditches and move to the mountaintop lifestyle? I always get asked how to solve a need or problem after the fact, but never how to avoid problems, anticipate opportunities, and prepare for the future. There are actually several principles that I have seen in play over and over again in generous churches. I want to disclose them to you at no cost. I am no longer a travelling consultant, but have tons of insights that every church needs. You can have them for free!

I want you to know there is a financial mountain in your future. It might be a good one like a building expansion, but maybe it is a bad one like a down turn in your local economy. Either way an opportunity is coming and you need to get ready for it. Join our Facebook Group “Church Giving and Stewardship” to learn how to answer the most shocking question I have never been asked. Unleash giving today!