How Holistic Generosity Impacts Giving

So what’s up with holistic generosity and how does it impact financial giving? If I over-emphasize living generously with your time and talents won’t people take that option as opposed to growing in financial giving? Doesn’t it soften the blow of a financial giving sermon if I talk about wholistic generosity instead? Over the years I have experienced a lot of strategies in church when it comes to both financial and holistic generosity. So I thought I would weigh in on the conversation.

The facts are actually very interesting. Most pastors believe that serving generosity is very different than financial generosity. While most church attendees believe they are interchangeable, meaning if I serve I can give less financially. Turns out, this is partly created by pastors themselves as we spend far more time speaking toward volunteering and serving than financial giving. Then, the matter gets a little more confusing when you visit with an experienced generosity pastor. Time and time again when we interview a Stewardship or Generosity Pastor on The Generosity Podcast they will lean strongly towards a principle that ties the two together inseparably.

If we only emphasize one or the other we will tend to reap a church culture that is perceived to be very transactional. Meaning the emphasis is typically measured by the number of volunteers engaged or dollars raised for church programming. The church will experience a short term win, but not enjoy the kind of sustainable culture it longs for.

Now, if we step back and give consideration to how a generous person lives it will be very insightful. Giving people are generous with every resource they have. They give time, talents, and treasures largely based on their passions when the opportunity is presented. Then, the most generous of people wake up looking for their next giving moment. They stay close to people, live with margin to invest, and are in touch with organizations that inspire their lives to give.

The trick is to approach holistic generosity as the optimal lifestyle for the person over the driving need of the church to be resourced. When we help a person become their best version of themselves they will have the best chance at becoming unstoppably generous. Then we will get the privilege of enjoying the kind of generous culture pastors dream about.

So the difference is pretty significant in both approach, feel, and result. If we do not have a pre-planned strategy to unleash people to live their God given destiny for their personal good then we will be forced to an either or approach that is transactional.

Every church needs a pre-planned holistic generosity strategy to unlock your “Best Financial Year Ever.” As you can see there are multiple ways to address the same content while reaping totally different results. I am helping pastors experience their church’s “Best Financial Year Ever” at no cost and at your convenience. Click over to Facebook and join our group “Church Giving and Stewardship” to get started on your free learning. Go unleash giving today!