Podcast Episode 50: Uncovering the Hidden Treasure of Generosity Events

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Ray Gary, founder and CEO of iDonate. During their conversation, they uncover the hidden power that events hold to unleash giving in the local church.

Best Quotes

“When we think about the church we understand the value of corporate fellowship probably better than anyone and the need to do life together.”

“Events can reinforce and illustrate the value of your tithe.”

“I think we take for granted what the members really know happens in the operating budget.”

“The church could be involved in hundreds of activities that people don’t really have any context for understanding.”

“People are inspired when they hear how other people are generous.”

“There is a community aspect to events where you are getting face-to-face with people who share a passion for the cause.”

“You get to hear from people who not only have a passion for something, but whose lives have been changed.”

“An event is an easy way for a beginning giver to give their first gift to the local church.”

“Regular consistent giving starts with a biblical understanding and it’s reinforced with discipleship in the church.”

“There’s a massive opportunity for the church to tap into the unique gifting and passions of its members to serve things that traditionally may not have been part of their operating budget.”

Ray is the CEO of iDonate, a company that provides nonprofits with technology solutions to do more good in the world. Ray’s experience in launching, building and helping businesses succeed spans nearly three decades, including various leadership positions in technology companies. Previously, he served as President of the Venture Capital group of Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest private companies, where he oversaw numerous technology investments. Ray currently serves as a Board member of the Highland Park chapter of KLIFE – a faith-based ministry for students and also sits on the Board of the greater Baton Rouge/LSU area Young Life ministry.

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