Leading With Soul Generosity

Soul Generosity is a topic that is foundational to me and one that I am most passionate about. I am guessing you may be asking what is Soul Generosity? Before we dive into the power of this topic, let’s first set the stage.

When it comes to leading on the topic of money and church you might find yourself in a few different camps. Here they are:

  1. The Silent Camp – I do not talk about money and church unless I absolutely must.
  2. The Church Centered Camp – I talk about money when the church calendar calls for it, like during budget approval or capital campaign season.
  3. The Need Camp – I only talk about money when the church needs it, like when budget giving is behind or the debt is too high.
  4. The Money Camp – I will typically talk about money once a year around the topic of tithing or stewardship.

Well, there is an entirely different camp called The Generosity Camp. Generosity is different than stewardship, tithing, money, and finances. I prefer to lead with generosity because it is a biblical discipline that covers a much broader territory than money and finances. It also gets a leader out of many uncomfortable conversations that have caused us to live in one of the four previously mentioned camps. Generosity professionals know the power of what is commonly called whole life generosity. Generous people are generous with every resource they have. They do not limit giving to their money. Finally, pretty much everyone desires to live generously so the topic is more welcomed.

Soul Generosity is the foundational belief that God is a generous God, we are both created in His image while being recreated in His image via the redemption of Christ. Here are some biblical principles contained in Soul Generosity that create amazing freedom for both the pastor and the one following his lead.

  1. God is a generous God in any way you want to measure generosity.
  2. We are created in His image which makes generosity a part of our DNA physically and spiritually.
  3. God wired us as humans to enjoy giving.
  4. God created the world to need both givers and receivers everyday of the week.
  5. God’s voice and leadership are the most critical components to unleashing giving in a person.
  6. God’s Word teaches the power of prayer and fasting to release generosity. 

At Lifeway Generosity we teach about holistic generosity and not fund raising. We believe that every giver has a next step of growth to be achieved this year from a beginning to extravagant giver. The tithe may not be the starting point nor the end of the journey though it is an important biblical principle. Therefore, we have created a number of small group and sermon series we call the Generosity Hub to help pastors navigate their way from the first four camps already mentioned to the power of leading with discipleship and the spiritual discipline of generosity.

Soul Generosity was one of the first series we wrote. It is based on the principles mentioned above and is thoroughly rooted in scripture. You will have the opportunity to see both the giving God and His desire for generosity deep within each of us. We will also unpack a couple of passages related to prayer, fasting, and giving. Finally, we will reveal a bible giving hero that was known for prayer and giving along with his family.

So pastor we want to help you gain confidence along with great biblical content. Please check out our teaching and small group series called Soul Generosity. We also have several other topics like Family, Financial, Serving, and Relational Generosity for you to enjoy. Unleash giving today!