Episode 53: What is a Generosity Overflow Experience?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Patrick Johnson, founder and president of Generous Church. During their conversation they discuss how a generosity retreat can affect your church.

Best Quotes

“Sustained transformational generosity happens when leaders go first.”

“We created an overflow experience to be a unique experience for leaders in a church to experience a new way to look at and practice generosity to get them inspired to go out and lead as leaders.”

“We are enslaved to our surplus and don’t even realize it.”

“Anytime Christian renewal happens it starts with prayer and fasting.”

“When you get people in the room and there is no ask, and you lay generosity on the table in a non-threatening way, we’ve seen some tremendous life change.”

“We want to multiply through community and do things that are transferable.”

Patrick is the founder of GenerousChurch and has a passion to see a revolution of whole-life generosity flourish in churches. Over the last 15 years, he’s partnered with Leadership Network, the Wesleyan Denomination, Converge and other church networks to equip leaders to unleash generous disciples. Leveraging the power of Scripture and story, the products and experiences that he’s created have been used by over 2,000 churches to transform the hearts and minds of Jesus-followers toward generosity as a way of living versus an act of giving.  

Currently, Patrick directs the vision of GenerousChurch and lives in Prairie Village, KS with his wife, Jennifer, and their children.

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