Episode 54: How to Become a Personal Fundraiser

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Scott Morton, international funding coach for Navigators, author, trainer, and speake.. During their conversation they discuss the topic of personal fundraising.

Best Quotes

“God’s will done in God’s way never lacks God’s supplies—but it requires a wise Biblical fundraising plan!”

“Social media is not a good way to have sustained long term fundraising for a missionary or pastor.”

“Just because a fundraising tactic works doesn’t make it right.”

“If God has called you to ministry, why would He not put people around you?”

“The main obstacle around the world is fear. Fear of what people might think, of offending, of losing friends.”

“There’s plenty of money out there in any culture, it’s just a matter of how to present a dazzling vision so people want to give.”

“Visibility is important, but asking raises money.”

“You must speak about money and you must teach about money year round.”

Scott Morton serves as International Funding Coach for The Navigators. For fourteen years, he led Navigator campus and marketplace ministries, where he worked with students, business people, and missionaries both stateside and overseas. Then, for 13 years he served as Vice President of The Navigators US Development Ministry. Scott is committed to helping gospel-workers succeed at funding their ministries—whether pastors, overseas missionaries or stateside workers. He also enjoys helping people grow in their spiritual journeys through small-group Bible studies and one-on-one mentoring. He is author of Funding Your Ministry (Navpress.com), Down to Earth Discipling (Navpress.com) and Blindspots–leading your team and ministry to full funding (Cmmpress.org). His new book, What the Bible Actually Says About Money—31 Meditations (www.scottmorton.net), has recently been released. It is a 31-day devotional on the topic of money and includes some surprises. He and his wife, Alma, live in Colorado Springs, and have two married daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. Scott’s hobby is birdwatching.

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