3 Examples of Great Church Giving Pages and Why Your Church Website Matters More Than Ever

Over the past week and a half, our team has onboarded over a thousand new churches onto Generosity by Lifeway. As we have set up so many churches with digital giving, we wanted to highlight three of our churches and their giving pages that we celebrate as best practices:

1. Propel Church


  • Simplified the actions to two steps: here’s how you worship + here’s how you give
  • Everything you need is on the top fold (you don’t have to scroll)

2. Overflowing Church


  • Engaging and visually appealing, creating a rewarding experience for the giver
  • Giving page shows the church’s DNA with a video of the pastor and inspiring content
  • Positive language (“Be a Blessing”)

3. Twin Oaks Baptist Church


  • Small church with limited staff utilizing digital resources
  • Helpful information so givers can see what their money does

Why Your Church Website Matters More Than Ever

Like it or not, the church has definitely gone digital. I have enjoyed the opportunity of watching so many churches respond so quickly to our new COVID-19 ministry strategies. While it has definitely been stressful, church leaders have had great spirits as they create, launch, fail, learn, and relaunch. Thank you for what you are doing. You are inspiring many. 

Up to this point in time, most church leaders have been focused on two tasks: canceling programs and launching digital worship. Very quickly we are all going to learn that digital giving will also demand a relaunch. This might take your breath back, but there are probably very good reasons a small number of your people had set up a recurring digital gift prior to COVID-19. Some of their reasons relate to common user experience failures with church online giving web pages.

Digital givers today need to be led on a journey to unleash their giving spirit. They typically want a better experience than a static credit card transaction form or to be greeted by an unfriendly login screen while exploring their first gift. So before you begin directing all your people to set up a recurring gift on your current webpage, you might want to simplify their journey.

Here are some tips and examples:

1. Make Engagement Easy – On your Home Page, create two clear buttons – one to connect in worship and the other to give generously. Right now, these two action steps are the most important. You can still have a “Giving” button in the top right of your Home Page, but avoid placing it in a drop down menu at all costs. Also, you will not want to require someone to scroll or hunt for it in any way.

Notice how Propel Church in Mt. Pleasant, NC set up their Home Page. This is simply a best in class example for you. Most people do not realize this, but a person’s generosity level is equal to their level of engagement in the church. The easier a person can engage in activity the more generous they become. Focus on simple, easy, and clear engagement.

You can check it out here: propel.church.

2. Make The Experience Personal – If online giving feels like Bill Pay at your bank, that is not good. People actually enjoy giving. They do not enjoy paying bills. There is a natural reward that comes with giving. It feels good to be helpful to someone else. My life feels more purposeful and significant when I give. Right now everyone is very aware of the vulnerable during COVID-19. People are actually looking to be generous. Many are already acting generously. We are drawn by our emotions and the good feeling of helping someone right now alongside others. We need to communicate well in this space, thinking like givers are currently thinking. Leading with what is best for the church budget will be discouraging.

Overflowing Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA has created an unbelievably rewarding experience. Their page is beautiful to the eye. It matches the brand and heart of the church. The giver never leaves the familiarity of its website. The message is positive and outward facing. “Be A Blessing” is the theme by connecting generosity to community impact. Notice the opportunity to give is embedded on the page with pre-set suggested giving amounts to make it easy. You can also make a custom amount and even give noncash gifts. The page concludes with a rewarding ticker of vision progress. Great job, Overflowing Church! Well done!

Check it out here: overflowing.church/generosity.

3. Cast Big Vision – Even if your church is small, every dollar given makes a difference to the kingdom. The purpose of generosity is not to keep the lights on, the mortgage paid, and the staff employed. I know these things are really important to ministry success, but people want to see where their giving goes and what it does. Turn your ministry budget into pictures and stories. Every dollar is making a difference inside your walls, around your community, and throughout the world. The kingdom vision is big. Right now is the perfect time to launch vision. The church has gone viral and nothing can stop it.

Twin Oaks Baptist Church in Ferrum, VA is a great example. This small church with a limited staff team is connecting their past and future together. They are telling a great story of how God is using their resources every day of the week. 

Check it out here: tobcchurch.com/giving.

Let’s create a giving experience that makes giving unstoppable. If you make the experience of giving fun, they will be hooked. Generosity by Lifeway possesses a unique giving platform for the modern world. It is focused on the giver, while providing a powerful tool for churches of all sizes. We have six channels of digital giving available to the church. Online giving is only one. Very soon you will be thinking about things like crowdfunding, noncash gifts, and social media integrations.

Right now, we have opened our digital giving platform to all churches. We have prebuilt landing pages for churches without websites or find their giving portals gated by blocked screens. For churches desiring a more robust experience, we have the six channel digital giving system. Hundreds have been signing up every day and our team has bandwidth for hundreds more. Unleash giving today!

Click here to learn more: lifewaygenerosity.com/coronavirus