15 Meeting Starters To Create Ministry Goals During COVID-19

At this point in time we have been through several leadership stages related to this COVID-19 ministry season. First, we all reacted, then re-reacted, then re-reacted again. The landscape was changing by the hour and we had no idea what our national, state, and city officials would and would not permit. Congratulations on successfully navigating massive changes during this short disaster ministry phase. Secondly, church leaders began to respond. Programming was cancelled and new ministries were launched to facilitate virtual church life as long as COVID-19 was still active. Both small and large churches have led this effort extremely well. I have been impressed by the quality and inspired by the creativity. 

Now, we have entered the final stage of advancing vision. How will our churches succeed during COVID-19? What will we accomplish that we never dreamed of? How will our churches be different in a better way post COVID-19?

These are now the most important questions and I want to help guide you to your answers. Some churches are choosing to hunker down, remain defensive, protect to survive is the vision. But what if we took on a more offensive mindset? Here are some questions to wrestle through with your leadership. I would encourage you to pick a couple that fit into your passion and unique setting. Grapple with the answers quickly because time is ticking. Then create a meaningful goal to drive your activities until we are all allowed to play outside again.

  1. Are we taking full advantage of this season as the scattered church?
  2. What are we learning?
  3. How are we strategically discipling our people?
  4. How are we strategically reaching our community?
  5. What ministries do not need to return immediately following COVID-19?
  6. What ministries will be most important following COVID-19?
  7. How will we know we have been successful during COVID-19?
  8. Are we content with simply restarting our previous ministry schedule after COVID-19?
  9. What needs to be retooled before it can be relaunched?
  10. What new ministry initiatives do we want to extend past COVID-19?
  11. Can we increase digital giving to 50-75% of giving for the long term benefit?
  12. What expenses do not need to return post COVID-19?
  13. How can our social media ministry be strengthened during and after COVID-19?
  14. How have we strengthened our church communication strategy during COVID-19?
  15. Do we have a long term outreach and digital discipleship strategy?

Church vision should never be stagnant or pause. There is always a mission to accomplish. During seasons of crisis new ideas surface. New ministry opportunities arise. This season can actually advance the mission of your church years into the future because so much ingenuity is required. Let’s not push pause or just hold on for dear life. Nothing shall prevail against the church. Our communities need us. This is our time to shine brightly.

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