Episode 62: Millennials Radical Approach to Money and Generosity

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by John Cortines, co-author of God and Money and True Riches, and COO of Generous Giving. During their conversation they discuss how John’s life purpose was unexpectedly and radically changed.

Best Quotes

“God took a couple of knuckleheads with really bad theologies of money and made it unavoidable to get a new perspective.”

“If we approach our finances with an attitude of pride, anything we do from there is not going to be very helpful from a spiritual standpoint.”

“If we can connect the gospel to our perspective of generosity that’s a totally different place to come from.”

“Any of us can bring the hammer down about how we handle money, but when there is an opportunity to issue an invitation to greater freedom, that is the angle that I have seen resonate so deeply with people’s hearts.”

“You step into greater giving, and you do it in response to God’s call, and that is a journey. It is not a one-time decision.”

“Don’t forget about money in terms of a preaching schedule.”

“This is an important topic of discipleship that Jesus even held up as a primary competitor for our hearts affections – you can’t serve God and money.”

John Cortines is the COO of Generous Giving, an organization that invites people to experience the freedom, purpose, and joy of a transformed relationship with God and money.  John began his career as a Petroleum Engineer.  While at Harvard Business School, he experienced a radical transformation which culminated in a decision to leave behind a lucrative post-MBA job to work, speak, and write full-time on generosity.

John is coauthor of two books on biblical generosity which together have over 50,000 copies in circulation.

John’s greatest blessing is being married to his beautiful and gracious wife, Megan, and together raising their three children, Jack, Anna, and Lydia, as well as their flock of egg-laying hens. John holds a MBA, MS in Geophysics, and BS in Chemical Engineering.

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