Episode 64: How Fasting and Prayer Fuel Ministry

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Kie Bowman, lead pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, TX, President of Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and author of City of Prayer. During their conversation they discuss fasting and prayer and how they can fuel your ministry.

Best Quotes

“If the pastor gets behind a more serious committed ministry of prayer and fasting in the church, the people will respond.”

“Nothing spiritual ever happens by accident, you have to be intentional about it and the pastor has the platform.”

“We are pressing in to see spiritual awakening and revival in one of America’s most unchurched cities, Austin, and we’re seeing God move in an incredible way.”

“This is what God has called us to do as local pastors: lead our churches in prayer and to lead this city in prayer.”

“Prayer is its own reward.”

“The greatest answer to prayer is more prayer.”

“Anytime you are praying, you are leading others to pray, you are giving more people an opportunity to pray, and you are advancing the kingdom of God through prayer in a city through multiple churches, that is a great fruit.”

“All of the examples of prayer in the book of Acts, was prayer with other people.”

“Look at the Book of Acts model. It is a congregational prayer meeting model and that will change your church and your personal life.”

Dr. J. Kie Bowman has been the Senior Pastor at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas since 1997.  In his twenty-plus year he has seen some 4,500 come to Christ and be baptized.  Dr. Bowman has served on numerous denomination boards in Georgia and Texas and is currently the President of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and a Trustee of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has author six books on the New Testament and prayer, most recently City of Prayer (PrayerShop, 2019).  His passion is prayer and believes “it’s time to pray as the early Church prayed and expect our cities to be epicenters of awakening!” Dr. Bowman has been married to his wife Tina for thirty-nine years.  They have three grown children. 

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