Episode 65: Smart Stewardship Solutions Increases Resources

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Tim Cool, the Chief Solutions Officer at Smart Church Solutions and author of Why Church Buildings Matter and Plan 4 It. During their conversation they discuss how stewardship of physical resources actually increases generosity.

Best Quotes

“Stewardship means someone has entrusted something to you and you’ve been entrusted to steward it for the betterment of that person or entity.”

“If you have a building that is more than 20 years old, my guess is you are going to want to utilize it differently than what it was intended for when it was first built.”

“We are not entitled to those church buildings. They have been entrusted to us and what we’ve got existing we are responsible for making sure we are utilizing and taking care of it first before we ever think about adding anything new.”

“You cannot build a new church building today for $100 a square foot like you could in the 80s.”

“We recommend to churches that they have at least two contingencies in their preliminary budget. You need a design and construction contingency and an inflation contingency.”

“What have you done to your ministry capability because you haven’t been able to get the building built?”

“In the research we’ve done, we’ve been able to determine that the best run church facilities have one full-time equivalent person dedicated to church maintenance for every 35,000 square feet.”

“If you are moving into a brand new building today, I would tell you to at least save $1 per every square foot annually.”

“Deferred maintenance is the things you didn’t get around to because you either didn’t have manpower or budget to do it.”

“Deferred maintenance is the cancer that is killing many of our older churches right now.”

“We are helping churches close more regularly than I would like to admit because they can’t afford to maintain the building any longer.”

Tim Cool is the founder of Smart Church Solutions and has assisted nearly 1,000 churches, (equating to over 5 million square feet) throughout the United States with their facility needs. He has collaborated with churches in the areas of facility needs analysis, master planning, construction management as well as life cycle planning/facility management. Smart Church Solutions is also the developer of eSPACE software products including Event Management, Work Order Management, Life Cycle Calculator, and IoT Integrations. Tim is also the author of several books including Entrusted: A Guide to Intentional Church Facility StewardshipPlan 4 It: The Essential Master Plans for Every Church, Successful Master Planning: More Than Pretty Pictures, Why Church Buildings MatterThe Story Of Your Space, and Church Locality, co-authored with Jim Tomberlin. Tim lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife of 35 years, Lisa, and is the proud father of his triplets who have left the nest.

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