Episode 66: How Financial Health Increases Future Generosity

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Michael Martin, the President of ECFA, Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. During their conversation they help pastors understand how givers view financial accountability helping them become more generous.

Best Quotes

“What are some ways that you can actually demonstrate and communicate the ways that you are accountable, not just saying it?”

“As pastors and church leaders, it is important for us to think through the standards we are going to follow when it comes to being appropriately transparent.”

“Today’s generation really does care deeply about accountability and transparency, so those are two elements we can’t overlook.”

“Being willing to provide a copy of your latest annual financial statements to anyone on request is a great practice.”

“As people are generous, another foundational standard to consider, is honoring giver expectation and content.”

“Generosity is becoming like the new evangelism.”

“As we are in a less-churched world, as people are looking in from the outside, they are paying attention to if our church is making the world a better place, and generosity builds that credibility.”

“We will find a lot more openness to the gospel the more generous our church becomes.”

Michael Martin became ECFA’s president in 2020. Both an attorney and a CPA, he had previously served on ECFA staff for nine years, most recently as Executive Vice President.Michael is passionate about helping churches and Christ-centered ministries maintain high standards of financial integrity through ECFA membership, as well as through addressing legal and tax-related issues. He is a frequent speaker on ECFA’s webinars, videos, and podcasts, as well as a regular contributor to ECFA’s library of ebooks and other written publications.He has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops across the country, and he has served as guest on webinars, videos and podcasts for numerous Christ-centered ministries and churches.

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