Episode 68: Common Questions About Digital Giving

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Candace Cutlip and Kyle Blankenship, generosity specialists for Lifeway Generosity. During their conversation they answer many of the common questions churches have about Lifeway Generosity.

Best Quotes

“The secret is hidden inside of discipleship and you can do that. But when it comes to the technology there are some things that may make you nervous.”

“The app is an amazing tool that not everyone utilizes in the right way.”

“The Launch Module is the first step in training and coaching and it includes so many great resources.”

“One of the well-used features we have available is the opportunity for a church to setup a beautiful web page directly through the back office of our platform that tells a church member all about an event you have for your church.”

“Don’t think in terms of online desktop giving.”

“If you give us that opportunity to show you the platform, that is a great place to start.”

“I am here to help you uncover what the needs are for your particular church and situation and hopefully be able to provide you with the proper solutions that make sense for exactly what you need.”

Kyle Blankenship is the Sales Leader & Generosity Specialist for Generosity by Lifeway. He serves churches and nonprofits through their discovery process then supports their leadership to unleash giving with the Generosity by Lifeway Digital Giving System. He is passionate about customer service, client success, and helping churches resource vision. Kyle is the Worship Leader, Young Adult Sunday School Teacher, and Digital Giving Leader at his local church.  

Candace Cutlip is the Head Onboarding and Support Specialist for Generosity by Lifeway. She helps churches by training their leadership team on the Generosity by Lifeway Digital Giving Platform. She loves teaching leaders how to use and develop the platform to fit their individual needs, helping them customize while developing new ways to begin their digital giving ministry. Candace has been teaching the K-1st classes at her church for six years and has been working with the High School students as a leadership mentor for five years. She has a passion for learning and helping people reach their goals.

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