Episode 72: How Generosity Personally Affects Us

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Kevin Washburn, founder of Clerestory Learning. During their conversation they discuss powerful principles in unlocking personal generosity.

Best Quotes

“Clerestory Learning emerged from my passion for teaching and learning, specifically my interests in curriculum and instruction.”

“Stories not only engage and inform us. They provide reference points for us.”

“Enthusiasm is contagious. Be excited about what you have to share.”

“Experience is necessary for learning but it is not sufficient.”

“The sermon sparks the possibility of learning, but the human brain has to do more in order to construct new learning and process those ideas in some way.”

“Anything a pastor can do to prompt processing post-sermon is going to be beneficial for learning.”

“Anytime you are striving for intentional generosity, let people prepare for it.”

“Those prompts help me as a giver get to a point where I am giving freely, joyfully, eagerly instead of a place of resentment and guilt.”

“If you are trying to help me build a life of generosity, it has to be a consistent message.”

“As pastors interact with people in regard to generosity, keep in mind that you are helping this person extend their influence as salt and light in the world.”

More than 30 years ago Kevin’s passion for teaching and learning began with a classroom full of fourth grade students, and then remedial reading adult students, middle school classrooms, and grew to include professional development participants and instructional leaders. Since launching Clerestory Learning in 2006, he has distilled findings from diverse scientific research fields, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and brain development, to identify educational implications and equip teachers for more confident, effective teaching. Kevin extensively researches various topics—learning, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, grit and resilience, instructional design, neuroscience, reading, and writing—discovering and sharing their implications for helping students fulfill their potential. As a certified running coach, Kevin also explores the influence of physical fitness on cognitive function. Kevin has created the Architecture of Learning instructional design model and its professional development courses, authored the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain, led the development of the Foundations & Frameworks reading program, and created the Writer’s Stylus instructional writing program and its professional development course. He enjoys traveling and developing relationships with fellow educators as a professional development instructor, conference workshop leader, keynote speaker, graduate professor, curriculum project leader, and educational consultant. He is a marathon runner and never misses a chance to try out the nearest Rails-to-Trail pathways.

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