Increasing Top Of Mind Generosity

Speed really matters these days. Change is happening at an unstoppable pace. No one can wait until Sunday to speak, engage, direct, disciple. Now is the time and the kingdom is advancing. I am a lay person and I have been for twenty years. To be fair, I spent the first fifteen years in full time ministry and continue to coach pastors everyday. I have a unique perspective. I can see both sides of ministry clearly. So let me help pastors see through the lens of a layperson. 

Generosity is sitting right in front of us everyday. The first wave came in our homes as we had to learn to live together for months on end. Now, we had always lived under the same roof just not in the new 24/7 increment. What began as a two week run has now stretched into months. Fun is being had, but nerves are being frayed while energy is like a roller coaster. Finally, we are looking at months ahead of a journey toward slowly increasing freedom to move about the country as we did before. 

Then, generosity came to our circle of influence. We started seeing our neighbors more, creating social distance hang outs in our community or going on walks just to see another  human face. The vulnerable started coming to our minds. Friends began being furloughed even losing jobs. COVID positive tests results came closer and closer to us. All this was happening as our churches were trying to figure out what to do next. My volunteer role in church programming came to a stop, but the personal serving opportunity was on the rise daily. Both financial and serving generosity were top of mind in my world just not through my normal church giving channels.

Then, social unrest became loud. My community is hurting and I want to do something to help the problem. However, my church has limited opportunities and is struggling to function with outward purpose these days. I know God is in control, but I can’t clearly see how the church is going to help me live the kingdom in my community. Yet my community is calling out. They are actually making it easy for me to keep their need top of mind. Each day my social media feeds are populated with local nonprofits, small business owners, and other network connections presenting many opportunities to be helpful.

How will my church help unleash my growing desire to be generous in 2020? It is so different from 2019 and will not be going back anytime soon. I want to make things better for someone, for my city, and I really want to do it through my church. 

If churches do not have quick, easy, mobile strategies of community engagement it will not be top of mind for your people. You are competing with a world of needs these days and they are viral. This is why we have released the one and only mobile generosity platform for churches. Engaging time, talent, and treasure generosity can all thrive in a simple location. On a moment’s notice you can notify people of both a serving and financial generosity opportunity where they can make an immediate difference. It can be within your church or community. You can even reward it and re-engage them again and again.

Make generosity top of mind with your people. Take it viral. The kingdom is mobile and your people are holding devices that influence their thinking daily. Get in the time, talent, and treasure game with

Have you ever taken the time to think about all that goes into a giving moment? There is actually an undeniable decision making and spiritual growth process occurring in many micro-moments. Download our free ebook, Why We Give and Why It Matters.