Episode 76: Leading the 5 Types of Givers in Your Church

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Jeff Crook, senior pastor of Christ Place Church in Flowery Branch, GA. During their conversation they discuss launching a strategic discipleship pathway for generosity by uniting clear vision language and the five types of givers.

Best Quotes

“Everything we do is flowing out of our mission and our vision.”

“Over the years of ministry, I have been addicted to capital campaigns.”

“When we began to embrace a culture of generosity, it was like an evergreen tree.”

“For so long I would attach vision to building buildings.”

“We believe that God owns everything and we are looking for opportunities to be conduits of His blessings.”

“Generosity is more about what God wants for you than from you.”

“Generous living is increasingly representing God’s heart to the world.”

“Generous living is not an act we do, it is a way we live.”

Jeff Crook and his wife Becky live in Buford, Georgia, with their two children, Macie and Josiah. He became the Lead Pastor of Christ Place Church in November 2003. God has blessed by adding over 4,000 new members, and today Christ Place Church has a membership of over 8,000. During that time, Christ Place has celebrated more than 3,000 baptisms. Jeff is a graduate of the Baptist College of Florida and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as pastor of four SBC churches since 1993.

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