Episode 79: Is Your Church Brand Generosity Friendly?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Lee Ann Martin, the President of Design373, and Nathan Gaddis, the Ministry Strategist for Design373. During their conversation they discuss why a church brand matters.

Best Quotes

“When we partner with churches all over the country and we start with social media, everything that we do will fall into one of eight buckets.”

“Social media and digital outreach for churches was always seemingly a luxury item pre-COVID.”

“If you’ve built an authentic brand of who you are as a church in the community, then they will be drawn to that.”

“A brand is not a logo. A logo enhances a brand. The brand is basically who you are and how that is communicated.”

“The brand is the day-to-day and it is the discipleship that happens.”

“You can be very purpose-driven in your brand or it can be done for you by default.”

“You can have the coolest logo in town as a church, but if who you are as a church isn’t saturating the community as much as your logo, then your logo is useless.”

“Don’t be scared of going after the people that are not yet there.”

“Shift your language to include the people who don’t believe the same things you believe without sacrificing your theology and belief systems.”

Design373 is a Digital Outreach Company for churches. All of our lives have changed since the arrival of COVID19 in March. This is especially true with churches. What was once often a low priority has now been forced to move to front and center! D373 works with churches to provide social media, web and digital discipleship options. They are helping churches all over the country navigate the current climate and make decisions that will strengthen their digital outreach options into the future.

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